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Photoshop Beauty

by getpaidb on June 29, 2014

It’s interesting to see that everyone has a different definition of beauty.

Beauty truly is in the eyes of the beholder.


Happy Father’s Day!

by getpaidb on June 13, 2014

I saw this video a while ago and thought it would be perfect to share it for Father’s Day. Not only is it such a great message about never giving up hope, but also shows the powerful love that a father has for his child.

I dare you not to get emotional in the next 3 minutes :}


Your Brain at Work

by getpaidb on June 2, 2014

Check out this interesting video about how your brain functions:


Memorial Day

by getpaidb on May 25, 2014

While Memorial Day may mean a day off work for many people, that is certainly not the only thing it represents. Let’s remember all the courageous people who risk their lives for the freedom of our great country.

Please check out this video to hear just a few stories of those who have lost their loved ones, and then hug yours a little tighter today.


Some Strange Stuff

by getpaidb on May 16, 2014

Check this video out for for some strange but true things you probably don’t already know:


Happy Mother’s Day!

by getpaidb on May 11, 2014

Thanks to all the Moms for all you do!

Remember to Sleep

by getpaidb on May 6, 2014

You don’t have to tell me twice! I love sleep! Don’t you?

After a long hard day, my bed is the only place I wanna be, so I don’t exactly need research to convince me to catch some zzz’s. However, it’s interesting to see just how crucial getting 7 to 9 hours of shuteye a night really is. Check out this video for all the benefits of proper rest, and I promise, its no snoozefest!


Pay it Forward

by getpaidb on May 1, 2014

Ever watch the movie Pay It Forward? Well this video reminds me of that concept. It’s nice to see how one kindness can often lead to another. You never know the impact your actions can have on other people. So be an example of the kindness you want to see in others and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Don’t Look Down!

by getpaidb on April 24, 2014


by getpaidb on April 8, 2014

Are you the first one to get on board with every new trend or beneficial discovery? Not so fast…

Don’t believe everything you hear-starting with these 6 things:

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